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House Washing

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Crucial Service has extensive expertise in house washing.

Service Area: Mirabel.

House Washing in Mirabel: Our Expertise

Our services include deep cleaning of pavers, gutters, concrete surfaces, and patios. Gentle washing of fences and brick structures is also included in our activities.

In our commitment to providing meticulous results, we use specialized detergents. In addition to these services, we specialize in polymer sand replacement for walkways, patios, and driveways. We also handle paver sealing.

In addition to our residential services, we offer our expertise in the industrial and commercial sectors. Graffiti removal is also part of our services.

Offering a house washing service, we thoroughly clean pavers, gutters, concrete surfaces, and patios.

House Cleaning Mirabel
Our Services
    Residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional cleaning
    Graffiti removal
    Protection of sensitive areas
Our Advantages
    Attention to detail
Service Area
    Mirabel and its surroundings.

Gentle House Washing Service

The use of high-pressure cleaners carries a risk because improperly calibrated pressure can damage the surface being cleaned. That's why we prioritize the "gentle washing" method.

This method involves using a pressure of less than 100 PSI to clean the house. We start by wetting the surfaces and plants, then apply a detergent solution from the bottom to the top. This solution, composed of sodium hypochlorite and soap, effectively eliminates mold. After rinsing, we meticulously clean the surface. Compared to high-pressure washing, gentle washing allows for faster and more efficient cleaning.

The main advantage of gentle washing is its long-term effectiveness. Unlike high-pressure washing, which may leave living organisms, gentle washing permanently eliminates mold and preserves the cleanliness of your house.

The combination of detergents and sodium hypochlorite has a double advantage: it saves water while being environmentally friendly.

Using the gentle washing method: an economical and ecological technique for house cleaning in Mirabel.